About Us

Rock Coast Brewery: Serving Loveland Craft Beer

AKA Kitchen and Rock Coast Brewery were conceived around the idea of being a local restaurant and brewery that offer incredible dishes focused on breakfast and lunch. However, we will have an excellent upscale pub fare menu for evenings. The AKA Kitchen/Rock Coast Brewery experience will take place in the spacious dining area and taproom, as well as the ample outdoor patio.

AKA Kitchen and Rock Coast want to offer something different: we will offer freshly brewed beers paired with wicked good food. In addition to our Loveland craft beer, we will offer wine and spirits, so if your group doesn’t all want beer they can stay and enjoy a red wine or an exclusive AKA cocktail with their meal.

AKA Kitchen and Rock Coast Brewery

Brewmaster Dave Murphy

Brewer Dave Murphy teamed up brewer Bob Shaffer to create Rock Coast. Davehas spent 20 years refining his craft and recipes, is ready to reveal his diverse lineup of American-style ales, a selection of Belgian-style beers, and a carefully curated collection of other favorites to Loveland beer lovers. Dave’s personal go-to style is IPAs, so you can expect some fun experiments from that style. He also wants to offer sessionable and approachable beers for everyone to enjoy. Evan and Dave are working on some awesome food and beer pairing ideas inspired by the fusion of their two crafts in hopes of offering something different in Loveland to both foodies and beer geeks alike.

RCB Beer

Brewmaster Bob Shaffer

Brewer Bob Shaffer brewed his first batch in May of 1997. It was a marginally successful, but ambitious leap into the deep end of the pool for the first-time brewer: an all-grain, British bitter beer. After stinking up his wife’s kitchen and making a huge mess, Bob was hooked on brewing. Twenty years later, when faced with the opportunity to venture into the restaurant business, the idea of combining his two passions into one unique culinary experience was a no-brainer: great beer paired with great food. Bob knew that going from home brewer to pro brewer is not something to be taken lightly or done alone. So he looked to his friend, coworker, and fellow brew addict, Dave, to be the perfect partner to bring the necessary level of expertise to the table. Bob’s preferences revolve around traditional American pale ales, IPAs, and amber ales, but he loves to experiment with distinctive spices, fruits, and other flavor enhancers. Regardless of how bizarre the ingredients, his goal is always to create clean, flavorful, and highly drinkable ales that appeal to a wide range of beer lovers, and enjoyed in a beautiful social setting.


Marketing Manager Libby Murphy

Libby got her start brewing 10-ish years ago when she wanted to see what boundaries she could push with a stout. Since then, she’s taken a baseball bat to those boundaries and has become downright fearless in her pursuit of making a kickass beer (on a completely unrelated note *cough cough* she’s thrown out many batches of beer, too–life is too short to drink bad beer!). She’s worked as an editor and writer for Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, where she learned more than she ever thoought possible about beer, and has received her certification as a Cicerone Certified Beer Server. Currently, she is working as a social media manager for a large national marketing firm by day, and is obsessed by all things brewery every other time of day.